Domaine De Canton – Ginger Infused Cognac

Sometimes, there are greater forces working in your favor.


That’s why upon my recent travels down Wall Street in NYC, I went with my gut, stopped, and walked into what is now known as the liquor store of my dreams.

It was love at first sight and the liqueur brands name is Domaine De Canton. This exquisite ginger canton infused Cognac is liquid sex, aka seduction in a bottle. Unlike no other, upon your first sip, it conjures up the words of:


The French liqueur, Domaine De Canton is made in small batches by hand. Each batch boasts a distinctively bright, fresh, yet rich and complex ginger flavour using the selection of only the finest fresh baby Vietnamese ginger.

Domaine De Canton ginger liqueur was inspired by the French tradition in which sweet and fresh elixirs were fortified by fine eaux de vie and cognac. Spicy and aromatic elixirs became popular with the French during the time of colonial Indochine. Domaine De Canton is inspired by the subtle spiciness of the baby ginger grown locally in modern day Indochine. The result is a recipe which evokes an era of tropical romance and continental sophistication that is both elegant and timeless. > Source

Winner of the 2008 best in show – double gold medal liqueur, San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Cook with it, or if you will, drink it slowly.. on the rocks and then let it drizzle down.. everywhere. Buy your bottle today & thank me later.

For now, I’m hoarding  e.v.e.r.y  last drop… because, I don’t like to share.

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