Feng Shui Your Office Space

Turbo-Charge the work space around you.

Ahh zen..

The ultimate mental state of being. Infuse your work space with these top Feng Shui tips and watch your productivity soar!

How to Feng Shui:

Choose feng shui colors that are auspicious for the space around you. If your office is set in neutral colors, punch up the space around you with accent colors such as green (the “color” of money) or red (used in moderation, as this can excess stress). Remember, any color works, if it inspires you to greatness, the key is balance.

If you are in a creative field, ensure your desk if rounded. If you work  with precise concepts or figure work, choose a square desk with slightly rounded corners.

In feng shui, if your desk has right angles, your money will slip off the edge, so try to keep as much of your hard earned cash as possible.

  • Keep a bright desk lamp on one side of your desk. This accumulates a pool of light on the desk which draws your attention to the area.
  • If your employer will not supply you with the office equipment you need to create a perfectly balance work area, don’t been afraid to bring it in from home. Not only will you be improving the working environment, but you will be getting rid of some clutter from home! 
  • Fluorescent strip lighting resonates at a frequency that can create headaches. Try disabling the light by taking out the tube and investing in a bright light that mimics natural outdoor light. This will improve the atmosphere to no end. 
  • Keep fresh cut flowers or a plant on one side of your desk at all times. These stimulate mental activity and cleanses the atmosphere around you. If your desk is wooden, red is the most auspicious color. Flowers and plants brighten up the area and also absorb electric pollution, depression and negativity. It’s said you spend a minimum of 35 hours a week at work so its worth the investment in order to create harmony within your cubicle and in feng shui, greenery is auspicious for both men and women! 
  • Freshen up stagnant recycled office air by placing an indoor water fountain next to you and your desk. This de-ionise the air and creates a continuous flow of wealth to your work area. 

  • Generally, pictures of your children, golfing trophies or hobbies distract you and cause you to waste time in this room. Instead, hang up pictures of your goals, related to work or current projects. Throw in some personal goals like travel destinations in there too, this keeps you focused on why you are working so hard. 
  • Keep a crystal paperweight on your desk and strengthen your intuition. Make sure it is at least 1 m (1 yd) from your computer as it absorbs and radiated electrical pulses. 
  • It is better to have only low-level shelving and storage in your office space otherwise you are creating the impression that everything is coming down on top of you. Shelves should never be “jam packed” full. Instead, there should be room for more books or files to come in. Store the heaviest books on the bottom shelves and ensure that these shelves are slightly more full than the ones above. 
  • Hang a small metal wind chime just inside your office entrance to promote clear thinking and bring in more opportunity. 
  • Choose your window dressing in this order: curtains, roller blinds and lastly horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds are not regarded as auspicious, but if you open any window to let natural light in, then the natural glow will create a positive energy.

Use your imagination and create variations to the tips above. Remember it’s your own space, create one that works for you to turbo-charge the mental space around you.

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